Clerk Simulation Training With Certification

The Clerk Training Simulator emulates the live bidding environment with real auctioneers, and unpredictable sale outcomes. Clerks are conditioned to respond in reasonable time, engage online customers, and incite bid activity. The training begins with comprehensive verbal instruction, followed by an assisted tutorial. Once the clerk successfully passes the tutorial, they are moved to the main event, which is broken down into 4 levels: Level 1 - Salvage, Level 2 - Dealer Consignment, Level 3 - Fleet Lease, and then the final bonus round, Level 4 - Factory. Once the clerk completes the first 3 levels, each with a minimum Accuracy Score of 91% or higher, combined with 30 Points for Engagement, they will officially become certified.

Clerk Training is geared towards improving the execution of your online auction while greatly reducing block errors, and clerk turnover rates.  It provides the consistency, and professionalism to improve buyer confidence, increasing online participation and sales. Auctioneers are required to have the proper credentials to perform at the block. Shouldn't the same expectations be required for your online clerk?

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